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УИХ-ын гишүүн Л. ЭНХ-АМГАЛАН
MNG   enkhamgalan@parliament.mn   51 267156



Father, B.Luvsantseren

B.Luvsantseren was born in 1939 in Ih Ats, board of Ih-Uul and Rashaant soum, Khuvsgul province. Luvsantseren was a veteran, who was involved in the Khalkh River war in 1939, Liberation war in 1945. After the army, he participated in peace-time development activities such as, director of medium-sized enterprises association and truck drivers.


Mother, O.Tsend-Ayush

O.Tsend-Ayush was born In Sumber bagt, Arbulag soum, Khuvsgul province. She was one of the first nurses at Children’s department in Central Hospital of Khuvsgul province. L.Enkh-Amgalan organized a foundation in honor of his mother and named it after his mother O.Tsend-Ayush. Each year, the foundation has been awarding 10 staff from health sector since 2012. Also, improving work conditions of doctors and hospital equipment are included in the foundation’s goals.







Memories about parents

            L.Enkh-Amgalan: “My parents have a lot of children. Father always went far for transportation. People usually asked himfavors. Mother was a nurse at the hospital. People who needed nursing came to our home. My home was normally crowded at that time.I remember my parents as integrity people.”




L.Enkh-Amgalan was born in 25th of January, 1970 in Murun city of Khuvsgul province and he is the10th of 11 children. He spent his childhood like other kids. He went to kindergarten and school. During his summer time, he visited his relatives in order to help to herd animals. L.Enkh-Amgalan’s relatives currently live in Ih-Uul soum, Tarialan soum, Rashaant soum, Arbulag soum of Khuvsgul province.


School years

In September 1977, L.Enkh-Amgalan attended 2nd school of Murun soum. He became Bunzai instructor’s student and he still contacts with his first grade students. At that time, 3rd grade students were recruited by Pioneer. He was interested in wrestling and poetry during school. L.Enkh-Amgalan’s classmates like to recall their memories. His classmate’s boys were undisciplined. They used to swim in the Delgermurun Lake in summer and they used to skate in the winter time. At that time, children had to become a member of Pioneer. Then, they had to become members of the Union. The members of the Union were sent to herdanimals or to study in University. The Union’s decision made based on their activities. Enkh-Amgalan graduated 2nd school of Murun in 1987.


University years

Enkh-Amgalan enrolled journalism class in University of St. Petersburg in Russia. Foreign freshman students who came from countryside had language and other difficulties. In 1990, students on abroad felt strongly about the essence of the democratic movement in Mongolia. They began to speak freely about recovering the history and traditional culture. Eighty feet long Maidar God was deported to Russia during the repression and Enkh-Amgalan began to search it. On the first meeting of Democratic Revolution, L.Enkh-Amgalan spoke behalf of students who study abroad.
















L.Enkh-Amgalan’s first poetry book, “KhohZul” was published in 1994. It received good reviews and rates from the readers and poets at that time.



Employment history

L.Enkh-Amgalan got a job in “MONTSAME” and “IL Tovchoo” newspaper after he graduated as a journalist from the University of St. Petersburg in 1992.  He was a secretary of “MONTSAME” and “IL Tovchoo” newspaper while he was writing articles in field of investigative journalism. He greatly admires Akim who is editor of “IL Tovchoo” newspaper and Enkh-Amgalan considers him as his journalism teacher. In 1995, he got a chance to study in United States of America. Arriving in the United States gave him an opportunity to compare conditions of the markets, policies, and lifestyles. It influenced him to choose private sector.



After he graduated from University of Dakota, He established Mongolian first private press company which is called “Interpress”. He was General Director at “Interpress” LLC since 1995 to 1996 and Chairman of the Board of Directors at “Unitel Group” and “MCS Electronics” LLC since 1996 to 2012. He was also Vice president of MCS Group. When L.Enkh-Amgalan was Vice president of MCS Group, he was one of the initiators of the program called “E-Mongolia” and he jointly implemented “One family – One computer” project with the world’s famous companies,“Intel” and “Dell”. Within the scope of this project, computer price reduced to 250 USD and households were equipped with computers. He also made first step to produce computers in Mongolia and he established Mongolian first computer brand called “Mogul”. Satellite networks were expensive. After the expansion of Internet bandwidth, internet consumption rose thousand times and price of usage reduced hundred times. At that time, there were 20,000 internet users. Nowadays, the amount of internet users has expanded more than 1 million and 400 households connected to the Internet.  “MCS Electronics” LLC invested to establish fiber optic-cables network for 300 soums in Mongolia. The integrated network information was created so that it became easier to get public services on time. Enkh-Amgalan was elected to Parliament in 2012.




L.Enkh-Amgalan met with his wife at bus station in 13th district. Later, he rented a pocket room to start his own family with his wife. They have faced all the challenges like all other young families.  Wife, M.Serchmydag’s major is Lawyer, son is studying economy in Canada and daughter, E.Tserendumaa who won an award from young generation of pianist competitionis currently studying in high school.



Member of Parliament

As Member of Parliament, He was in the working group of Compensation calculation of Pension insurance, Investment, Bond and the laws were approved. Also, he was one of the members who submitted civil health insurance, Compensation calculation for Herders pension insurance, 1 percent value-added tax, Collective on pension’s law to the Parliament. Before he became a member of parliament, his private company invested in power transmission lines from Bulgan to Khuvsgul so that whole Khuvsgul province has connected to the electricity. Also, connecting the paved roads from Murun soum to the capital city was initiated by him and paved road construction work has been done. Parliament member L.Enkh-Amgalan has implemented “New River” and “E-Khuvsgul” projects. “New River” program, the first phase of residential areas housing construction is planned to be taken in 2015. “E-Khuvsgul” program, whole khuvsgul province is connected to fiber optics cable and 88 bags are covered by mobile cellular network.

Achievements & Awards

2005 Polar Star medal

2006 Mongolian best manager (Mongolian Management Association)

2007 Top managers (the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

2011 “Honorable Citizen” Huvsgul province

2014 Medal of the Red Banner of Labor